Plastic Manufacturing Factory Introduction

June 25, 2019


With 30 years’ continuous innovation and development, the factory has been accumulating rich experience in the engineering plastic field. The factory keeps the faith to serve our clients with “Fine Products, Punctual Delivery, Competitive Price and Best Service”. And the company passed the ISO 9001: 2015 revision certification in May 2016.

Moreover, based on the faith of protecting the environment and making long-term survives of the earth, we implement the RoHS testing machine to check each product, and all raw materials that we use are non-toxic and free environmental pollution. In addition, the central feeding system uses the hot gas recycling system to make the energy could be used more effectively.

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Main Service Items
Engineering plastics, Plastic gears, General injection molding, Two-color injection molding, Nitrogen filling injection (gas-assisted molding), The design and manufacture of the plastic steel mold, Design and Development, Reverse Engineering, RP molding.

Back-end Process
Tapping, Reaming, Punching, Ultrasonic welding, Print, Paint, Plating, Assembly and other post-process services.


Production Equipment

Injection Machine
There are currently 44 injection molding machines, 26 general injection molding machines (clamping force 50 ~ 250T), 18 two-color molding machine (clamping force 200 ~ 300T).

Among them, a two-color injection molding machine is introduced in 2000, which can make two-color two-material molding quality more stable, and can promote our quality synchronized with advanced countries like Europe and the US, allowing customers to get more reasonable prices, excellent two-color injection parts.

Molding Equipment
Milling Machine, Lathe, Grinding Machine, Electric Discharge Machine, Segmenting Machine, Grinder, Laser fill mode, Argon welding

Quality Equipment


If you are interested, please provide your requirements or drawing to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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