A seminar on smart healthcare and care industry trends. Integrates the medical technology ecosystem

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A seminar on smart healthcare and care industry trends. Integrates the medical technology ecosystem

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  • 2019-01-14

Analyze the global future development trend of the biomedical industry.

The Foreign Trade Association will hold a seminar on smart healthcare and care industry trends.

Medical technology continues to develop, and has now progressed to the medical 4.0 era, integrating big data and intelligence analysis, assisting in diagnostic testing and thus achieving precision medicine. According to the MarketsAndMarkets analysis report, artificial intelligence is still in its infancy in the biomedical application market. It is estimated that the global market will reach US$7.99 billion in 2022, and the potential business opportunities are considerable. In order to keep pace with the development trend of global medical software and hardware, the Foreign Trade Association will hold "MEDICAL TAIWAN" and "Taiwan International Medical Materials Manufacturing" and "Taiwan International Medical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Exhibition" at the World Trade Center Taipei in June 27-30. The Parts and Components Exhibition (MCMEX) integrates the medical technology ecosystem and the medical material supply chain to provide a complete international medical procurement platform.

The last double exhibition ushered in the transformation and transformation, and merged the original "Taiwan International Medical Exhibition" and "Taiwan International Silver Hair and Health Care Industry Exhibition". It has accumulated two professional experiences in the past ten years to re-establish "health" and "health". The B2B professional trading platform in the three directions of medical care and "care" has brought in technological elements such as AI, big data and internet of things, and launched "Smart Healthcare and Internet of Things Applications" and "New Ventures" exhibition areas to lead Taiwanese doctors and And protect the industry's technology application vendors and innovative solutions to attack the international market.

Taiwan's precision machinery manufacturing and metal and electromechanical industry technologies are internationally renowned. In 2017, the machinery industry became the third trillion industry after semiconductors and panels. With the aging trend, the demand for medical equipment, robots, mobile aids, implants, etc. is expanding, the upstream supply chain of raw materials and manufacturing end of medical equipment is endless, and there is no shortage of metal, machinery and rubber and plastics industry. participate. The newly-launched "Taiwan International Medical Materials Manufacturing and Components Exhibition" focuses on the raw materials, components and machinery manufacturing of the upper and middle reaches of medical materials, and is exhibited in conjunction with the "Taiwan International Medical and Health Care Exhibition". Serve a one-stop medical material industry chain.

In order to provide the industry's first overseas marketing strategy and insight into the global future development of the biomedical industry, the Foreign Trade Association will conduct a "Smart Healthcare and Care" in Hsinchu, Tainan and Taipei on January 23, 24 and February 14, respectively. "Introduction to Industry Trends", invited experts from Taiwan Medical Association, Industrial Technology Institute, Accton Technology, Wistron Medical Technology, Medical Technology, Fule Medical Welfare, and Successful Universities to analyze "Smart Healthcare" and "Smart Care" For more topics such as "Medical Technology" and "Integration Value of Industry Chain", more information on the seminar can be found at the "Taiwan International Medical and Health Care Exhibition" ( www.MedicalTaiwan.com.tw ).

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