Taiwan Auto Parts Industry Advance Las Vegas AAPEX Grab!

Taiwan Auto Parts Industry Advance Las Vegas AAPEX Grab!

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  • 2019-01-10
2018-10-19 15:55 Economic Daily reporter Xiao Yongle ╱ instant report
AAPEX, the Las Vegas Auto Parts and Accessories Fair, was exhibited at SANDS EXPO CENTER from October 30th to November 1st, 2018. Exhibitors from more than 2,200 exhibitors from 40 countries, using more than 5,000 booths, the estimated number of visitors will reach more than 100,000. 

AAPEX exhibited the theme of general automotive after-sales service parts (AFTERMARKET) and various related equipment, engine parts, transmissions, brakes, suspension system related products, paint and body parts, chemicals and lubricants, hot and cold air conditioning, green energy and environmental protection. Related products, auto repair tools and equipment, automotive computer software technology and services, etc., this year launched the Mobility Garage Area, specializing in store equipment and technology, electric vehicle alternative energy / fuel zone. 

AAPEX is the largest and most professional automotive after-sales service exhibition in North America. It has a certain position in the global auto parts professional exhibition and is one of the most important professional exhibitions of Taiwan auto parts manufacturers. 

Taiwan's auto parts and components account for a fairly high proportion of the global AM market. Export auto parts including an engine, mirrors, elevator, body sheet metal components, automotive electronic components, gearbox, the wheel (rim and tire)  Taiwan's leading auto parts manufacturers, actively expand export sales, grab the automotive AM and OEM parts market, because Taiwan's auto parts industry has a small number of diverse, flexible manufacturing advantages, the industry has been engaged in research and development and refined production technology, has long been international competition ability. 

The global automotive market is growing steadily, and the auto industry is investing in R&D and innovation. The continuous introduction of traditional auto parts and accessories, as well as the increasingly popular vehicle electronic system, will drive the after-sales service market. Push up. 


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