Taiwan Medical Materials Manufacturing and Components Exhibition (MCMEX)

Taiwan Medical Materials Manufacturing and Components Exhibition (MCMEX)

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  • 2019-01-11
For the first time, the Foreign Trade Association handled the "Taiwan Medical Materials Manufacturing and Components Exhibition"
And joined the "Taiwan International Medical and Health Care Exhibition" to connect Taiwan's medical industry chain to international sales.
TAITRA will be bright (2019) of Yue 27 Ri Zhi 30 Ri at the World Trade Center for the first time to handle the "Taiwan International medical materials and components manufacture Exhibition", collecting medical material on the middle reaches of raw materials, components and manufacturers to expand The international business opportunity of Taiwan's medical material production line will be the only international professional exhibition in China that is a collection of medical material supply chain manufacturers. In the same period, "Taiwan International Medical and Health Care Exhibition (MEDICAL TAIWAN) " was held. 

Taiwan's industrial clusters focus on local advantages, cross-border medical business opportunities

The Asia- Pacific region will become the focus of global economic growth in the future, governments have also promoted health care reform, improved existing equipment, improved medical quality, and promoted industrial demand growth. Taiwan has also developed a cluster of biomedical industries to expand the cross-industry integration ecosystem. The Neihu and Hsinchu Science Parks in the northern region have developed capital communication and optoelectronic research and development capabilities, which can span electronic and imaging medical equipment; the central region is a cluster of precision machinery industry, which uses this core technology to develop minimally invasive medical materials or high-end supplements. With the technical advantages of metal and electromechanical industry in the south, it is suitable for the development of dental and aggregate related equipment. The concentrated development of industrial settlement technology also promotes the innovation and upgrading of medical materials and raw materials. The "Taiwan International Medical Materials Manufacturing and Components Exhibition" can fully display the development trend of medical materials of Taiwanese industry in various industries. 

The global aging trend drives smart medical and production line development

In 2017, the global population over 60 years old was 962 million, accounting for 13% of the global population It is estimated thatby 2050 the population of the world aged 60 and over will reach 21Billion. The overall global aging trend has driven the stable development of the medical materials industry, and the minority has buried the hidden dangers of the future labor shortage. The medical industry has begun to be combined with the use of capital communication, extending the value of technological innovation and integration through smart medical care and smart care. solution. 
"Taiwan International Medical and Health Care Exhibition" has assembled 24 Taiwanese manufacturers in the year of (2018) , a total of75 products were exhibited, and the "Emergency Room Situation Theme Pavilion" was successfully created. In the coming year, "Smart Healthcare" and "Wisdom" will also be adopted. The theme of “care” is to create a contextual concept area for foreign buyers to buy one foot. On the other hand, Taiwan's IC , electronic components, sensors and other manufacturing technologies are developed. In recent years, it has actively invested in 3D printing devices and technologies through the "Taiwan International Medical Materials Manufacturing and Components Exhibition" and "Taiwan International Medical and Health Care". The exhibition will showcase the synergy between the production line and the product. 

The Trade Association has created the best platform for both traditional medical materials and new ventures, and has attacked the global market 

In response to the transformation of the medical industry. The Foreign Trade Association has consolidated the "Taiwan International Medical Exhibition" and the "Taiwan International Silver Hair and Health Care Industry Exhibition". Create a new B2B professional trading platform "Taiwan International Medical and Health Care Exhibition" and "Taiwan International Medical Materials Manufacturing and Components Exhibition", which complement each other and complement each other, in addition to "health", "medical" and "care" The theme, together with the medical materials in the midstream manufacturers, has become a complete medical industry chain. It also created a new exhibition area for the first time, which aggregated Taiwan's traditional medical materials and innovative kinetic energy to enter the global market. During the 2018exhibition, it attracted more than 5,000 professional buyers from 51 countries . The one-to-one procurement fair reached 290.

Field, compared with the previous year growth of times. For more information on the exhibition, please visit the official website(www.MedicalTaiwan.com.tw) .

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