About Us


  CUSTOM PARTS MANUFACTURING     The company which was founded in 2006, is a professional supplier of precision metal parts, and has offered a wide range of OEM industrial parts manufacturing services for over 10 years. We have manufactured for more than hundreds of precision metal parts, cooperating with hundreds ...

Our strength

CUSTOM PARTS MANUFACTURING     Professional skills We can manufacture custom OEM products and reach the high demands which other company can’t deal with.   Service integration With systematic integration, we provide a sequence of service including manufacturing, machining, assembling and packaging.   Effective communic...

Our vision

    Our customer is from all over the world, and most of them are in North America and Europe.  We hope to become the top international business partner and provide the best quality products.    Our service area Contact Us     Read More

Ordering & Shipping

    Ordering Process Step 1 Inquiring & Ordering Step 2 Purchasing parts from factories Step 3 Factories manufacture the parts Step 4 Machining & Surface treatment Step 5 Quality inspection & Packing Step 6 Delivering & Receiving products Shipping         Contact Us     Read More

Add.: No. 685, Futan Road, Tanzi, Taichung 42751, Taiwan

Tel.: +886 4 2536 8878 Fax : +886 4 2536 7968 Mail : sales@unitedparts.com.tw
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